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Mrs Khadidiatou SANE GAYE: From “Pump” to Quality service

Almost reaching her 30 years, healthy looking and average tall, Khadidiatou Sane Gaye is a beneficiary of the MCA Senegal RN2 Road Rehabilitation Project component.
By rehabilitating two national roads, the RN2 in the north and the RN6 in the south, MCC Compact in Senegal will improve farmers’ access to domestic and international markets as well as provide communities along these routes with better access to important services such as schools and health facilities.

Youth unemployment: MCA Senegal opens the construction sites of Hope in the South

Youth unemployment is a major problem in Senegal. This country and Mali are the main providers of illegal youth migrants towards Europein makeshift boats, risking their lives to seek for employment. President Macky Sall, who just been elected as head of this state located at the western tip of Africa, owes his democratic plebiscite to a majority of unemployed youth in search of jobs.

Massive school drop-out among girls: MCA seeks to reverse the trend

 Senegal Ecole Amadou michel diop Kolda

Retention of girls in school is a critical issue in Senegal. However, it is reported that girls’ school enrollment gross rate is of 98.6 %, a rate which is higher than the national one that is of 93.9 %. Nearly 9% of them unfortunately, drop out of school at the elementary level. The issue is of a high concern especially when the girls’ school completion rate is one of the eligibility criteria for Senegal to the Millennium Challenge Corporation funding. Over the past three years, Senegal has not done very well in this field.

Abandon massif de l’Ecole par les filles : MCA cherche à renverser la tendance

 Senegal Ecole Amadou michel diop Kolda

Le maintien des filles à l’école est une question critique au Sénégal. Pourtant, elles enregistrent un taux brut de scolarisation de 98.6 %, ce qui est­ supérieur à la moyenne nationale estimée à 93.9 %.­ Malheureusement, près de 9%­ d’entre elles abandonnent les classes au niveau de l’élémentaire.